The requirements for this program were modified on October 25, 2018. Students who declared this program before this date should contact the director of undergraduate studies for the department in order to confirm their correct course of study.

The major in ethnicity and race studies consists of a minimum of 27 points. 


Core Courses

All majors are required to take 3 core courses, as listed below:

  1. CSER UN1010: Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies (4 points)                                       

    CSER UN1040: Critical Approaches to the Study of Ethnicity and Race (3 points)

  2. CSER W3928 Colonialism / Decolonization (4 points)
    CSER UN3942 Race and Racisms (4 points)

  3. CSER UN3919 Modes of Inquiry (4 points)


All majors will select one of the areas of specialization listed below from which to complete their remaining coursework:

•    Asian American Studies
•    Comparative Ethnic Studies
•    Latino/a Studies
•    Native American Studies/Indigenous Studies
•    Individualized courses of study


Majors who elect NOT to follow the Honors track must complete at least five CSER elective courses, in consultation with their major adviser, within their area of specialization. At least one of these electives must be a writing-intensive seminar (3000- or above level courses).

Check CSER course offerings for semesterly electives.

Majors who elect to follow the Honors track must complete at least four CSER elective courses, in consultation with their major adviser, within their area of specialization. 

See more information about the honors track here.


Language Courses

One of the following is highly recommended, although not required for the major:


  • One course beyond the intermediate-level in language pertinent to the student's focus 

  • An introductory course in a language other than that used to fulfill the degree requirements, but that is pertinent to the student's focus

  • A linguistics or other course that critically engages language

  • An outside language and study abroad program that includes an emphasis on language acquisition

CSER continues to be Columbia's main interdisciplinary space for the study of ethnicity and race and their implications for thinking about culture, power, hierarchy, social identities, and political communities. The Center also offers a wide range of public programming, including Artist at the Center, Indigenous Forum, and Latino Public Speaker Series and the Transnational Asian/American Speaker Series. CSER's most recent spaces include the Media and Idea Lab and Gallery at the Center, a space dedicated to curating artistic and thematic exhibits around the Center’s key areas of interest.

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